5 Ways To Increase Your Restaurant Delivery Revenues


A restaurant that has more control over its delivery revenues and knows how to increase them steadily has taken the right steps to lay a strong foundation that can be scaled to increase revenues in one store or across many stores.

Here are 5 of the many ways you can lay the foundation for increasing your delivery revenues.

1. Review your menu and ensure it’s suitable for delivery.
Remember to keep it short and choose menu items that are attractive, easy to prepare, hold their temperature during delivery, and are perceived as value – Quantity v/s price.

2. Plan and Systemize your daily execution
You have to do more with fewer people. Process and systems can help you get more done with fewer people. E.g. planning your pre-prep doing it at one time for the entire day saves time and effort as compared to doing it piecemeal.

3. Learning from your customers to increase revenues
Remember to call your customers to learn about their delivery experience, and don’t forget to ask them how you can improve upon their next experience. Take what you’ve learned from them and use it to increase revenues by giving them more of what they want and are willing to pay for repeatedly.

4. Systemize your order taking process
As we want to move away from 3rd part delivery platforms and channel more of our customers to our own sites to place an order or to call in to place their order – do this! Create Standard Operating Procedures (SOP’s) for the person taking orders on the phone to follow, so they can ensure (a) they’ve got all the information they need to deliver the right order or prepare for pickup (b) without forgetting to be hospitable. Tip! Simplicity trumps complexity. Keep your SOP’s simple.

5. Analysis, Analysis, Analysis
Analyze your daily orders, customer feedback, and revenues to identify what you need to change, improve, and remove, so you get more efficient at your operations, preparation, and delivery, resulting in a steady increase in your revenues.

Nandu Awatramani
Growth Coach and Business Advisor to Ambitious Restaurant Owners and Groups

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