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John Grisham, Author

You have a business you’re proud of but you want more.

You want a business that’s well-known for its food and experience.

To be the go-to neighborhood fixture that always has a line out the door.

Maybe you want to expand your reach by opening multiple locations in your city.

Or spread your wings and diversify your offerings with new concepts, formats, and experiences.

You want to focus on earning higher-than-average revenues and profits and having a reputation as a great place to work.

Or you aspire to create a well-known brand that everyone talks about as an influencer in the industry.

You may even desire to build a national chain.

Most importantly, you’re clear you want to grow your business in a way that aligns with your dreams and ambitions and you’re willing to figure out how to make it happen.

So what’s your next step?

Here’s what most people think.

The way to grow a restaurant business is to open more locations, show more revenue, get more investors or raise more money, and keep opening more locations. But that’s only half right.

Because while you do need money to grow, if you only focus on growing locations, there’s no guarantee things won’t start falling away or falling apart. Then your whole energy and attention shifts to keeping things together.

And while it’s totally possible to grow your business this way, it comes at a price—a jagged growth trajectory, stalled growth when a project doesn’t go as anticipated, high head-office costs, inconsistent guest experiences, high stress and fluctuating profit levels.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

It is possible to bring your vision to life while growing profitably with stability and consistency—in operations, finances, people, costs and customer experience.

You can have financial outcomes that mirror or exceed your financial plan giving you more cash to invest in growth and improved standards and quality.

You can have team members who care to help you achieve your goals, and are highly accountable, creative, and proactive. You can have a transparent, caring, supportive, and growth-oriented culture.

Unlike the typical scenario, where growth often comes at the cost of current operations, you can have both a clear sight of what needs to be done today to manage current operations profitably and what you need to grow – not one for the cost of the other.

And you can maintain a consistent and enjoyable guest experience that creates raving fans and customers, especially as you grow locations.

Let me share how.

Coaching with Nandu

One-on-one coaching sessions where our focus is to help you achieve your highest dreams and help you stay close to what’s important to you for your business.

Our sessions are designed to help you get more done with the limited time you have, highlight your most important priorities, and keep you focused on achieving your growth goals–whatever those might be.

My strengths are helping you understand the challenges that lie ahead for you, provide solutions to counter those challenges, remove bottlenecks to growth, and improve execution.

Together, using proven business techniques, we create an approach to your business that’s organized and systematic without losing what is important to you.

Depending on your company’s needs, I also offer the option of coaching your leadership team along with you to get the most traction out of your hard work.

What can you expect from coaching with me

Key Takeaways


How we can work together

Option 1

Private coaching with restaurant owner/CEO:

Option 2

Group Coaching with Restaurant Owner/CEO and Leadership Team

*typically involving the Head of HR, Operations, Finance and Marketing, etc

“100% of the time I’ve come away from our sessions feeling energized, inspired, with more clarity.

I’m excited that I can finally identify the right people for my business and there’s a simple system to do it. It’s felt great to see the momentum my team is building.

Nandu’s customer feedback system based on NPS gives us instant feedback and the confidence to make quicker, effective decisions that increase revenues.

Nandu has a powerful approach to financial planning going into the nitty-gritty of the plan and then breaking down the steps required to reach these goals. What really blew me away was showing us how to communicate these goals to my team and how to assign responsibility and accountability for parts of the financial plan. We’re having much more stability in profits even during a tumultuous time like COVID.

He has an incredible talent for understanding people and thoughtfully engaging with them as individuals. It definitely feels like he’s already walked in my shoes and understands even before I’ve understood what I’m going through.

Today, I’m operating with more confidence, a whole lot less stress, and making quicker decisions that increase revenues and move the company forward.”

Carlos Suarez

Founder of Casa Nela Hospitality Company (Rosemary’s, Bobo, Claudette, Roey’s)
New York, NY, USA
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How do you meet your clients for sessions?

We meet over Zoom. For clients based in certain areas of New York City, we can discuss the option of meeting in person.

Do you only work with clients in the US?

In addition to working with clients all over the US, I also work with clients globally.

How am I supposed to get my leadership team in one place?

All coaching is done online so wherever your team is regardless of their location we can meet at a designated time online.

Aside from option 1 and 2, do you offer customized coaching packages?

Yes, but only for a select number of clients. Usually this option is reserved for companies of 10+ restaurants with robust systems in place who want to improve a select area of their business.

How do I know if coaching is a good fit for me and my goals?

The best way to know if we are a good fit to work with each other and if I can help you is to set up an introductory call. Set one up here.

I don’t want to grow more locations, will coaching still work for me?

Yes! Growth means different things to different people. For some it can mean more locations. For others it can mean maximizing profits from your current business. Or it can mean having a balance between work and personal life, less stress, and being able to go home at a decent time every day. So absolutely, coaching can work for you and your specific goals. We always decide what actions to take based on your goals and needs.

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