Answer These 5 Questions To Increase Restaurant Revenues In 2018

December is the busiest month for us and that’s why, this month, you’re probably spending time ensuring your ops are running like clockwork.

But if you want a better 2018 where you outdo yourself and your competition, don’t forget to also spend some time planning for the upcoming year.

Start with answering these 5 questions to gain clarity of where you want to take your company in 2018.

You’ll have clearer direction than most of your competition and that’s a competitive edge right there, because most of them don’t take the time to plan the next year.

And for them, by March 2018,
it will mean running around like headless chickens,
trying to make up for lost revenues,
experiencing increased employee turnover
and a lot more of ‘throwing arrows in the dark’ tactics
that you can avoid right now.

Here are the 5 things you absolutely must be clear about in 2018 to have laser-focused clarity on the direction you want to take your company.

  1. What is your revenue goal for 2018?
  2. What’s the ONE thing you need to START DOING to reach your revenue goal that you’ve been putting off or delaying?
  3. What’s the ONE thing you need to STOP DOING that’s either a drain on your resources or a low return on effort?
  4. Which of your current employees would you enthusiastically rehire again?
  5. What EXACTLY do your customers want in 2018?

Taking the time to answer these 5 questions will help you get a lot more clear on a few of the many areas like

  1. Introducing new menu items to boost revenues
  2. Creating promotions and events that add to the bottom-line
  3. Reviewing purchasing and cost management decisions to stop profit leaks
  4. Improving employee retention so you can deliver consistent customer experiences and increase repeats

Working on these 5 questions every December helped me gain clarity and focus on where I want to take the company in the upcoming year. And this helped get my entire team on the same page. With this clarity, my team and I could step into the new year full swing with new energy, new ideas, and fresh blood prepared to make the upcoming year much better than the last.

Download the 2018 Strategic Planner with the 5 questions here.

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