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Sebastian Matias Torres Vallejo, Ecuador

I know you’re short on time, so I’ve segmented the audio into different parts so you can enjoy the parts that are interesting to you. You can always hear and download the full audio too.


Sebastian shares his exact methods of how he creates this family culture in his business that has various benefits from happy, repeat customers ($$$) to personal satisfaction. {11:00 – 15:40 min} – Download

The Power of Feedback

Hear about how he captures his audience and entices them to keep coming back. {04:30 – 09:00 min} – Download

Finding Personal Satisfaction

Listen to how all this has allowed Sebastian to derive personal satisfaction from his business because we all know that having more money doesn’t necessarily mean more happiness. Ideally, we need both. {08:00 – 09:00 min} – Download

Facing Emotional Challenges

Sebastian talks about the emotional challenges a restaurateur faces and how he overcomes this. {19:30 – 24:00 min} – Download

Overcoming Employee Issues

Listen to how Sebastian steps into the mind of his employees to address employee turnover. {17:30 – 23:50 min} – Download

1. How to create a culture of employee retention {23:50 – 33:00 min} – Download

2. How to create an effective employee incentive program {27:00 – 33:00 min} – Download

3. Sebastian’s essential philosophy for restaurant owners {33:00 – 34:35 min} – Download

4. His #1 secret to making your restaurant business successful {37:20 – 39:28 min} – Download

5. Understand when your business is ready to franchise {09:00 – 13:00 min} – Download

6. My #1 learning for new franchisors after having franchised my own restaurants for many years. {09:20 – 10:00 min} – Download

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