How To Create A Restaurant Business That Supports Your Lifestyle


Work hard…Keep working hard and you’ll create a successful restaurant business.

That’s the advice I got from a successful hotelier at the age of 22 as I was about to start my first restaurant.

Little did I know that 16 years later and opening, closing and re-opening over 30 restaurants, at the age of 38, I was going to have a major heart attack due to all the stress.

I knew working hard was important but it could have been easier.

If only I had been open to easier ways.

The truth is part of me didn’t believe there were easier solutions out there because if they were, every other restaurateur would have been using them already.

The truth also was that I did finally find easier solutions to problems that other restaurant owners hadn’t...but by the time I implemented them and began enjoying a business that was easier, fulfilling and very lucrative, my body had already taken a toll.

I don’t want that to happen to you.

So today, I am going to tell you what I learned so you can grow your business much faster, easier, all while stressing less.

And no, I’m not going to be sharing a meditation technique. At least not today :).

In today’s quick video, you’ll understand why and how:

– My team got more time with me. I got to support them, mentor and inspire them more, rather than have my sleeves rolled up and putting out fires all the time.
-I had more time to myself and I decided to use it to plan better and think about my business a little deeper, further into the future, the next steps I need to take, that could get me to where I wanted to go cheaper, faster and easier.
My wife was happier to see that I was actually listening (and not just hearing) to what she was telling me over dinner.
-And so much more…

There is a way to do this.

This is what made it happen.

Watch the video.


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