How to Get Your Employees To Perform Better


What do you think your employees need to perform better?

More money, time off, flexible schedules, free food, incentives, more bathroom breaks, training…

None of the above will get them to perform at a level that can make you achieve growth in your restaurant to the scale that’s an envy of other restaurateurs.

I mean real growth. Profits scaling up by 25% to 30% and revenues growing by 30%-40% in this year.

And being able to have a personal schedule that suits your needs.

To achieve this kind of growth every year, you need your employees to perform better consistently.

You need to understand that this can only happen when they get this one thing, only you can give them. And it won’t cost you a penny more.

Check out the video below and know what only you can give your employees to Get Your Employees To Perform Better.


Nandu Awatramani

F and B Business School
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