How To Scale Up Your Restaurant Business (without losing money)


What does it really take to scale up a restaurant business profitably?

After I had opened a few restaurants I just wanted to keep scaling. I didn’t want to stop.

So I got this advice from someone whom I highly regarded and respected as an accomplished businessman, restaurateur, and hotelier.

‘Think Big’ and it will happen’.

What the hell did that mean? It’s not helpful to hear some nice sounding words that didn’t mean anything.

Thinking big meant WHAT?

I really wanted to scale up my business, but I didn’t know how to do it without everything falling apart. I saw so many restaurant owners opening one location after another\ but most of them failed, I didn’t want to fail.

I didn’t know that

apart from planning my finances,
getting the right employees in,
setting systems,
standardizing processes
and all the other important stuff,

this was the one thing I needed to do the most to scale my business without it falling apart and most importantly doing it while making a profit.

What’s your ambition with your restaurant/food business?

This is what will get you there.

Secret To Scaling A Restaurant Business Profitably


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