How To Earn More Pennies On The Dollar In Your Restaurant Business


Increasing labor costs, government taxes, cost of materials and new competition from traditional and non-traditional food businesses were eating into my restaurant’s profits.

I know you feel me because it’s happening to all of us.

Something or the other keeps getting more expensive every year, and it directly eats into our profits.

But our revenues aren’t increasing fast enough, and in some years, they don’t go up, they go down.

So how do you sustain your restaurant business with so many external influences that directly impact our costs and profits?

And I didn’t just want to sustain my profits. I wanted more. I wanted to stop stressing about my profits every month.

I wanted a more permanent solution to increasing profits so that I’d have more cash in the bank to take care of growing costs, any unexpected events, to grow my business and pay for the lifestyle I wanted for my family and me.

I found the permanent solution.

I focussed my attention in this specific area of my business and the result – I increased my profit earnings by more than 20% every year.

I share what I did in the video below.

Nandu Awatramani


P.S. My intention at F and B Business School is to help as many food business owners like you. I want you to have a better life with your partner/spouse, more time to spend with your kids, more disposable income so you can do things like hire a babysitter anytime you want and create a safety net for your family. I want you to earn more so you can enjoy the good things in life. And work with employees you love who will go on to make your customers happier. And your happy customers will then go on to make a positive difference in your community, because of you.

You can create that change. Share this article with any food business owner who can benefit from changing the way they see and do things and adopting the industry’s best practices in their business, so they too can earn more, upgrade their business and enjoy their life.

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