Building a Culture of Accountability: Tips for Restaurant Owners

A company culture that embodies a high degree of accountability helps a restaurant grow faster.

But holding people accountable can sometimes be stressful and butt-cringing :).

Discover how to hold your team accountable without breaking a sweat, eliminate the dreaded cringe-factor when addressing underperforming employees, and create a system that sets you up for unparalleled success.

In this episode, I share 3 steps for implementing a system and process to hold all levels and designations accountable for their responsibilities with relative ease.

You’ll find

1) Key mindset shifts I learned that made it much easier to hold them accountable,

2) A process you can use to get better results

3) a simple tool you and your managers can use to hold everyone accountable.

Blueprint for steps to growth – ⁠⁠

Nandu Awatramani is a growth coach and business advisor to ambitious restaurant owners and leaders who want to accelerate growth and increase revenues. He brings a depth of expertise in the areas of business growth, empowerment, ownership, and scalable culture.

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