Who doesn’t like getting a few lucky strikes and knocking all 10 pins off the floor in a game of bowling.

On Christmas day last year, my family and I went bowling after a really long time. We had so much fun and I realized how much I enjoyed and missed bowling.

Not that I was ever that good at it, but I just liked getting a few lucky strikes, like everyone else.

Hitting a strike makes me feel invincible like I’m an ace bowler. And, after hitting one, I like to turn around and watch my family clap and cheer me on. It’s a good high, while it lasts.

I scored a total of 129 out of 300 in my first game and 103 out of 300 in my second game, with only 1 strike 🙁

For those who don’t know about bowling scores, my scores were very average.

On the other hand, my uncle was on a roll. He was hitting strike after strike. He managed to hit 5 strikes in a game, meaning he hit all 10 pins off the floor 50% of the time. He either had amazing accuracy or was just plain lucky. And those bonus points you get on hitting a strike just make it easier to win.

He was the dude on the floor. The family cheered him on again and again.

So that got me thinking…

If I were to ask you – who would you bet money on?

Most people would have bet on my uncle..the guy who hit 5 lucky strikes in each game.

But, does the person who hit 5 lucky strikes in each game come out on top or the person who consistently drops 9 out of 10 pins in nearly every game?

I hit 9 out of 10 pins more consistently than he hit his lucky strikes. I ended up having a higher score in both games and beat my uncle.

So clearly, consistency won.

And the truth is consistency wins more than sheer luck nearly every single time – in fun AND in business.

Like in my business, I focused on getting the right things done consistently so I could make small incremental increases in my revenue month-to-month. When I looked at the progress I had made in the year and then over a 5-year period, what I saw was amazing.

Here take a look. See my average revenues for one of my Pizza Kiosks over a 5-year period.

Consistency rocks!

I could have never imagined that I would earn 4 times more revenue in a 5-year period. If someone had told me that right at the beginning of 2012, I would have laughed it off.

But I did it. It was because I was consistent in doing the things I needed to

But I have to tell you it wasn’t easy to be consistent. It was very hard at first…but as I kept at it, it became easier to maintain that consistency in doing things.

I want you to also benefit from doing things consistently in your business.

So, today, I’m going to share with you exactly what you can do to see incremental improvements in your business that add up to amazing results.

And because being busy makes it difficult to focus on anything new, this method will help you get it done.

  1. Decide on only ONE activity you want to do more consistently. Why I mention 1 and not 2 or more activities, is because it’s hard enough to be consistent with just 1 thing. Anything else is too much, too soon. Don’t fall into this trap. I made this mistake initially and, that’s why I want to point it out to you, so you don’t fall for it and get demotivated, overwhelmed and inevitably quit doing it at all.
  2. Pick a time you want to do the activity and schedule it. Because what goes on to your calendar has a better likelihood of getting done. I use my phone calendar because the alarm reminds me that it’s time to do the activity.
  3. Take 2 minutes to think about what are the roadblocks you may face in getting the job done. Be honest here and ask yourself why haven’t you been consistent at doing it. If there are roadblocks, move them to the side. I often find the best solutions to my roadblocks while talking to my spouse. You can talk to a friend or mentor too if that helps. And if you’ve been lazy, it’s ok. We’ve all been there, just start doing it.

You can do it!

Oh and by the way, along the way you’re going to hit a few lucky strikes, enjoy them! 🙂

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