In June 2016, at the age of 38, I had a major heart attack.

I felt like my ribs were caving in, like someone was pushing a sharp knife through my back and like a train had railroaded over my chest…and that went on for 11 hours.

The worst part was yet to come.

My physician misdiagnosed me because the symptoms I was witnessing (bad stomach and fever) matched that of food poisoning and indigestion. He also said he didn’t think it was anything more serious because I took care of myself and looked in great physical shape. Also I was just 38!

I looked in good shape because I had spent the last few years cleaning up my diet (thanks to my wife!), eating my lunch and dinner (mostly on time), working out, and spending time doing things I liked.

But that didn’t come easy for me.

Before I changed my habits, I spent the majority of my previous decade eating only one meal a day and working 15 straight hours, 7 days a week. (If you own a restaurant, you get what I mean)

I didn’t have a life other than building my restaurant chain. That’s all that mattered to me.

I skipped meals, slept less, stressed and smoked a lot.

I didn’t see it coming…In fact even though I had made all the positive changes in my lifestyle over the last few years and began to look and feel in shape, it was too late.

The signs were there, I just hadn’t noticed them.

And just like our bodies, our businesses are no different.

If we don’t identify the signs to what may become a major heart attack in our business, we may have to close it down one day.

So how do you identify the ONE THING THAT COULD CHOKE YOUR BUSINESS and put an end to it?

I speak more about this today.

Do something about it before it’s too late.

Watch the video below to know how.

Find and stop your choke point so you can improve the stability and longevity of your profits and ensure a safe future for you and your family.

Remember our line of work is really stressful (esp if you haven’t found a way to make easier) – So don’t ignore any signs like burping, indigestion, diarrhea, stomach pain, fever aside from the obvious chest pain.

Go get an EKG immediately at the Emergency Room. If you spot a heart attack in the first hour (golden hour), you stand a chance to greatly reduce the risk of damage to the heart or brain and greatly improve the chance of recovery.

It was too late for me but I never want it to be too late for you.

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