How To Increase Revenues By Keeping An Eye On These 4 Areas Of Your Restaurant Business

“Consistency is one of the most important things we sell,” Fred Thimm, COO, Palm’s chain of restaurants (24 locations in USA)


You create a consistently great customer experience through consistent planning and execution in 4 areas of your business:

1. People
2. Cash
3. Strategy
4. Operations

I planned these 4 areas of my business every month by spending 2 to 3 hours in total.

I then had a plan of action, goals and a direction for my employees to follow through for the month.

No more shooting arrows in the dark.

Here’s the 1 thing I focused on in each area:

Have I filled all the positions with the right people? (If not, what are we doing to attract more of the right people to apply for these open positions?)

Are we on track to increase cash flows? (What do we need to do this month to make sure we do?)

What’s our one and only priority for this month? (What may distract us from achieving our priority and what should we do to stay focused?)

What’s the biggest problem we could face this month? (and what can we do about it before it happens?)

Try doing this for your business this month.

It helped us to stay focused, be more efficient and we hit our revenue targets time and time again.

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Have a great week and remember to have some fun.


Nandu Awatramani

P.S. What comes in the way of your customer’s enjoying a consistently great experience every time they come over? Reply to [email protected] with your answer and let’s have a conversation and find a solution that’s proven to work.

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